Green tea and cucumber facial cleanser

Green tea and cucumber facial cleanser

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Our Green Tea and cucumber facial cleanser has the same well loved formula as our aloe rose cleanser, but with ingredients like cucumber seed oil and green tea extract. This gives it added benefits and makes it the perfect soothing and rejuvenating cleanser.

Benefits of each ingredient

Cucumber seed oil -  Cucumber seed oil is known for its fresh cucumber scent 🥒 that lingers on the skin and provides a cooling and soothing effect. It is rich in fatty acids - particularly omega 6 as well as Vitamin E. This makes it extremely beneficial to all skin types. Cucumber seed oil is a balancing, soothing and moisturizing oil that absorbs quickly into the skin. It is also beneficial for dry skin and soothing inflammation.

 Green tea extract -helps reduce signs of aging, soothes redness and irritation, helps reduce discoloration, decreases the occurrence of blemishes

store in a cool dry place, use within 3 months


 NOW IN 100ML AMBER PUMP BOTTLE (NOT AS SEEN IN IMAGES - temporary change in packaging)